fruit-and-vegAt Worcester Community Garden we are teaching the people of Worcester and nearby to grow their own delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables. We are also ‘growing people’.

There are many opportunities here for you to make the world a better place and to improve your own wellbeing too. Why not join us? We are open 10am to 3pm seven days a week except for race days. Telephone Tony Kennell on 07532 108144 if you want to make sure somebody will be there to meet you, or contact us by filling out our email form here.

Here are some of the opportunities:

1. Just be part of our very welcoming community of volunteers. Bring your sandwiches and come and have a chat.

2. You tell us how you can contribute

3. Take care of the vegetables: weeding, watering, planting, protecting and harvesting.

Worker 4. Take care of the fruit trees: weeding, watering, planting, protecting, pruning and harvesting.

5. Process and cook the produce. E.g. Press apples and make apple juice or cider.

6. Composting

7. Take care of bees. We have experienced people that will help you with this if you are interested.

8. Bring a cake. Make cups of tea and coffee.

9. Give people tours of Worcester Community Garden.

10. Sell produce at the gate.

11. Taking care of the facilities: painting, repairing and building work – raised beds, watering systems etc..

12. Beekeeping.

13. Administration: finance, marketing, fundraising, creating teaching materials, taking care of volunteers, creating signs, notices etc.

14. Open and lock up the site.

15. Social media and website work.

16. Enhance the wildlife on our site.

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